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Dec. 25th, 2009 11:29 pm
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Ok, somebody please help me before I go insane[er]...

How do I set up an External USB NTFS HDD to act as a Samba share? [or at least accessable via a wireless network froma windows xp & vista box]

I've *done* all the recommended steps, set it up within samba-server with full read/write permissions and enable ntfs external write support. Does it work? No it does not...both linux and windows boxes come back with 'network access denied' error. They can *see* the drive, and sub-directories on it..but they cannot access it. Even logging with my root password won't get me access. It refuses to acknowledge any and all passwords as viable.

And when I remote in VNC and use the properties menu on the drive, the permissions tab for drive comes back a "permissions for drive 'My Book' are unable to be determined" I'm sorta assuming that it defaults to 'paranoid-as-hell' mode and denies access to the network unless told otherwise.

And yet...the internal drive is just problems.

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These are taken straight off the [ profile] computerhelp community on Livejournal. As there is need and interest we can update these on an ongoing basis.

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Before posting in [community profile] computerhelp please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Posting Guidelines. They are here so that we can get enough information about your problem that we can provide useful help. We'll try our best with what you provide, but we may have to ask you for more information.

To make things easier on everyone, use the following template when you post for assistance:


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Any steps you've taken to troubleshoot?

If you are receiving an error message, please include the entire text of the message. (If you have an error log, please post it under a cut):

Please stay on-topic. The only posts in this community should be requests for assistance or messages from the admin(s). I will delete with prejudice any announcements related to viruses, phishing, spyware, etc. that don't have to do with providing help for you as a user. We're not set up for general computer discussion - maybe in the future we'll visit that if there's demand.

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REMEMBER! Google is your friend. You can get solutions for many common problems simply by doing a search on the nature of your problem or an error message you receive. This will save you time and energy (But we don't poke people too hard if you don't!).

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Finally, if there are any issues that require a moderator's attention, please leave a PM for us - such requests can get buried in comment threads and we don't want to miss something important.


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