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Name:Free Technical Support for computer-related issues
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Free technical support, from beginner to expert, for almost any computer-related problem.
Run by one of the mods of [ profile] computerhelp. Since I wrote the profile, I am copying most of its information. Self-plagiarism FTW. :)

Looking for tech support without the sarcastic attitude? Welcome to [community profile] computerhelp, a friendly community of newbies through pros here to offer you advice, support, suggestions, and tips on most everything you'd ever need for your computer and technology needs.

We'll attempt to give assistance for most things computers and electronics related, from beginners to experts. Dreamwidth-specific support should be directed to the Support Boards. Crossposting between the DW and LJ communities is permitted.

Before you go any further, please read our Posting Guidelines (which include a template for making sure enough relevant information gets into your request) and Frequently Asked Questions. Posts that do not reflect an understanding of these rules may be deleted if they interfere with the smooth running of the community. We try to avoid this, though.

This community is administered by [personal profile] invisionary, a maintainer of the LiveJournal community of the same name (as [ profile] ravenshrinkery). This is not an officially sponsored community either here or there, and Dreamwidth Studios, LLC accepts no responsibility for its content except as outlined in the Terms of Service. While we attempt to provide accurate and useful advice, you are following any and all instructions provided at your own risk. [community profile] computerhelp does not support software piracy and will not provide assistance in doing so - don't ask. If you need moderator assistance, please send a private message (PM) to [personal profile] invisionary - don't post in my journal.
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